Our Investment Philosophy

Our mission is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns by locating off-market and value-add transactions in major markets utilizing our full service, comprehensive investment platform.

Active Portfolio Management

  • Actively manage all the assets in our portfolio
  • Continuously focus on value creation by identifying potential opportunities to maximize returns
  • Pro-active on identifying and foreseeing potential problems early-on so that risk mitigation strategies can be undertaken in advance
  • Undertake innovative approaches to streamline operations
  • Glacier has earned a reputation as a disciplined, creative and reputable investment partner; operating with full transparency, providing our partners accurate and current information on investment performance


Creative Structuring

  • Experience in analyzing and structuring complex investments
  • Institutional flexibility & investment mandate for both equity and financing  transactions
  • Employ creative structures to meet the goals of our clients, partners, and investors
  • Free from regulatory constraints

Investments Throughout the Risk Spectrum

  • Significant expertise in identifying, quantifying, and mitigating risks
  • Target yields correspond to the risk profile of each investment
  • Flexible cost of capital allows for investments throughout the capital stack, ranging from senior debt to equity investments, and from core-plus to opportunistic transactions

JV Partnerships with Best in Class Operators

  • Partner with institutional firms as well as local, individual, and specialized operators
  • In both our debt and equity platforms, Glacier’s motivation is to invest alongside experienced partners with accomplished track records

Real Estate Analysis

  • Deep understanding of all property types
  • Ability to analyze complex situations and workouts
  • Maintain long-term investment horizon
  • Knowledgeable in all major markets
  • Bottom up approach to underwriting and property valuation

Contact Us


220 East 42nd Street, Suite 3002,
New York, NY 10017

P : 646-681-8300

E : info@glaciergp.com

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